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As a part of our SpringBoard series, the first and last evenings of the series are dedicated to previews and works in progress by DC dance artists as Open Marley nights.

There is a $5 registration fee for Open Marley participation, to be submitted upon acceptance to perform. 

For the purposes of this application, it is suggested that you draft your narrative text offline in a text edit application, then cut and paste your responses into the online form. Drafting your text offline will reduce the possibility of losing data should your browser accidentally close or your internet connection suddenly fail.


Please submit by: Monday, March 26, 2018 at 9 pm
Deadline extended to invite a broader community to DMV dancers into the Loft theater.

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(Pictured above: photos by Stephanie Vadala from DancEthos Featuring the West Shore Piano Trio, fusiondance and RawArts Dance, at the Dance Loft on 14, November 2017)