Monthly Dance Loft Highlights

Featuring: Student, Renter and Teacher Spotlights

UPDATES: Dance Fitness Class line up on Saturday mornings have now changed to start with ZOCA at 9am, Zumba at 10am and Barre body at 11am.

All Yoga Class Offerings now starting from 9-10am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning with Ellie Bernstein.


Student spotlight: ellie bernstein

DL14 Question #1: What is significant to you about Dance Loft on 14?

Ellie: There is an undeniably cool and funky vibe to Dance Loft. As someone who took tons of time off from dancing and just started taking classes again (we're talking eleven years!) it's a very welcoming and non-intimidating atmosphere. There's always something cool and different going on and I love seeing so much diversity in one space.

DL14 Question #2: Who is your favorite teacher at the Loft and why?

Ellie: I've immensely enjoyed every class I've taken at Dance Loft, but my favorite teacher would have to be Stuart Loungway. His classes are fun, engaging, and challenging, and I love the way he threads philosophical ideas throughout the class. As a yoga instructor, I really enjoy his detailed anatomical cueing and how he actually explains his corrections. So often you get teachers who simply tell you what to do or change, which is fine, but the nerd in me loves to know the "why" not just the "how", and I find it much easier to implement in my body when I know why something physically works or doesn't work.

DL14 Question#3: How did you find out about Dance Loft on 14?

Ellie: I found out about Dance Loft through Asami Seki, an amazing and talented local choreographer and dancer.

DL14 Question #4: What goals are you currently working towards?

Ellie: Since I stopped dancing 11 years ago and finally started taking classes again this past January, my goal is simply to have fun! Now that I am not focused on making a career out of ballet, I can completely relax and enjoy classes. The atmosphere at Dance Loft is so conducive to reigniting my passion and joy for dance.

DL14 Final Question #5: After a good class, what junk food are you likely to eat?

Ellie: Haha, I'm not a fan of the term "junk food" because all food has a place in my heart! I don't discriminate. :) That being said, my favorite "not traditionally considered the most healthy food ever" would be pizza. I live and breathe for pizza. 


Renter spotlight: nancy havlik

DL14 Question #1: Why did you choose Dance Loft on 14 for your rehearsal space for your company?

Nancy: Its very hard to get studio space. I think that the space is very beautiful. I also like that the loft supports choreographers. It is relatively quiet which helps to concentrate. I like to be where other people are working to get a sense of support for the local dance community.

DL14 Question #2: What do you like most about the Loft?

Nancy: I like how beautiful studio 2 is. Its so spacially clean especially with the high ceilings and I also love the new theater.

DL14 Question #3: If you could change anything about the Loft what would you do?

Nancy: I would make the rentals less expensive so that other choreographers can also afford to use the space. It would be great to be more available for other professional choreorgraphers to use the space.

DL14 Question #4: What other types of genres of dance and/or performing arts would you like to see at the Loft?

Nancy: Physical Theater. It's theater that develops work through the body and movement as well as voice.

DL14 Final Question #5: If you were an animal what would you be and why?

Nancy: I would be a bird because I would love to experience the physical life of a bird.


teacher spotlight: SyLVANA christopher

DL14 Question #1: What do you enjoy most about teaching at DanceLoft on 14?  

Sylvana: What I enjoy the most about teaching at the loft is watching the energy swell while classes are in session with dancers coming to train. Watching a studio build a following is a rewarding process.

DL14 Question #2: What ages do you teach?

Sylvana: I teach all ages though I've only made a recent foray into teaching college and am enjoying working with both majors and non-majors at Howard Community College.

DL14 Question #3: Where did you train?

Sylvana: I trained at Metropolitan Ballet, Washington School of Ballet with some time at Jane Bittner's and Maryland Youth Ballet.

DL14 Question #4: Which studio at DanceLoft is your favorite?

Sylvana: I like the studio that I'm currently teaching in because it's intimacy provides a nice container for exploration of short phrase work plus a handy permanent barre is there.

DL14 Final Question #5: When you are not teaching at the Loft, what would you most likely be doing?

Sylvana: When not teaching at the loft I'd ideally be taking class, rehearsing or planning classes while hanging with my kiddo Jasper.

BONUS QUESTION: What is your favorite color?

Sylvana: Turquoise is my favorite color because it reminds me of the Pacific Ocean.