Calling dancers and choreographers!

The Dance Summit will pilot an "Open Audition" on Sunday, September 17th from 3-4pm, here in DC! You may have read about the concept. The goal of the Open Audition is to help dancers and choreographers connect.

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Dancers: What styles are you interested in?
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Choreographers: What style best describe your movement?
If choreographer, select ONE option to describe your choreography style
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Here's how it works:

  1. Complete the form to register as dancer, choreographer, or both. 
  2. Dancers: attend the audition, warm and ready to dance! (The Summit will have technique classes earlier in the day)
  3. Choreographers will be grouped by style, with either some or all of the choreographers offering a combination. (Choreographers will be contacted prior to the audition to arrange timing and order). 
  4. Organizers will provide the audition participants' contact information, and there will be space to mingle afterward at the DC Dance Summit. Participants should feel free to contact eachother for upcoming projects, call-backs, etc!

Guidelines: Choreographers should have a desire to meet dancers for a project within the 2017-2018 season. Dancers should be open to meeting new choreographers and should expect to dance most of the combinations.  Registration for the session requires that you agree to have your contact information shared with fellow choreographers and dancers.