SpringBoard Dance Concert Series

Application Form

For the purposes of this application, it is suggested that you draft your narrative text offline in a text edit application, then cut and paste your responses into the online form. Feel free to keep applications SHORT!

Deadline for submission: Monday, February 12, 2018, 5 pm EST.
Decisions will be announced by February 19th. Merde! 

The Applicant
Applicant Name *
Applicant Name
Daytime Phone Number *
Daytime Phone Number
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Complete Mailing Address
Performance Weekends *
Please select the weekend(s) in which you / your company are available to perform. All performances will be on Friday and Saturday evenings with Tech on Thursday evening. Please note that urban, cultural, or interdisciplinary styles are particularly welcome April 6-7 and 13-14, so as not to compete with contemporary dance performances held elsewhere those weekends.
Please identify any existing relationship that you have with the Dance Loft
Are you (or your company) a member of Dance Metro DC? *
Limit 600 words.
The Work
Desired length of work *
Is this a new work or an existing work? *
Please select the genre(s) that BEST describe your work *
This question is your opportunity to tell us why this particular work should be presented at Dance Loft. Please BRIEFLY address the following (2-4 sentences per question): What is your concept for this work? How does the choreography realize or express your concept? What are some sources of inspiration for this work? Who are some of your collaborators and what are their roles? Why is this work important to you? Why does this work need to be presented now? Limit 500 words.
Technical Information
Work Samples
Please enter a URL for the work you would like to be presented. If you have PERFORMANCE video of the work you would like to be presented, please include an un-edited full-length video of the work as work sample #1. If you do NOT have a performance video work sample of the work you would like to be presented, please include: Informal rehearsal video for the work you would like presented as work sample #1 and an un-edited full-length video of a recent work IN PERFORMANCE as work sample #2. If work samples are password protected, please be sure to include the passwords where indicated.
Include the date and location of recording. Limit 250 words.
Please enter a URL for supplemental material for work sample #1, or an additional work sample (#2) that you would like to submit for consideration. You may also use this space to submit a work that illustrates your style, in the case that Sample #1 is unfinished/in-process. Be sure to tell us whether Work Sample 2 is being submitted for performance consideration or as supplementary material.
Include the date and location of recording. Limit 250 words.
By entering your name below, the applicant acknowledges the information submitted herein to be original and accurate.

(Pictured above: photos by Stephanie Vadala from DancEthos Featuring the West Shore Piano Trio, fusiondance and RawArts Dance, at the Dance Loft on 14, November 2017)