Capital Ballet Theater

stuart loungway, artistic director



Capital Ballet Theater (CBT) is a rapidly rising, contemporary ballet company. It utilizes the vocabulary of dance as a springboard to arrive at the very forefront of international dance innovation. Based in Washington, DC, CBT presents performances on a national and international basis. The company provides the very finest in the dance arts through public performance, private and semi-private training for the aspirant; community outreach, dance education and lectures, development of new choreography, and specially designed dance residency programs. 
The investigative and structurally advanced work of choreographer / artistic director Stuart Loungway forms the core of the repertory of the company, augmented by the work of acclaimed choreographers Septime Webre, Cleo Mack and other guest choreographers. Innovative exploration of a high level is brought to life by the technically accomplished and intellectually creative dancers of the company.
With its streamlined dance aesthetic, the company explodes, twists and deconstructs the parameters of the physical and spatial possibilities of movement and perception. This approach leads to a performance product that is rich in texture, emotionally charged and a highly unique audience going experience, the likes of which have not been encountered before.


About CBT

company overview

Capital Ballet Theater (formerly Terra Firma Dance) , under the guidance of Artistic Director, Stuart Loungway, serves as a cultural think-tank for the dance landscape of Washington, DC and beyond.. We promote an environment that cultivates dialogue and the exchange of creative ideas as exemplified through our dance performance and education initiatives. Our primary focal points are underserved populations and non-traditional theatergoers, in order to introduce them to the power of the arts as a life changing force. As a rapidly rising contemporary ballet company, the core of our work focuses on movement as the primary language of basic human interaction and communion

In promoting a risk-free environment of diversity, CBT emphasizes the value of dance as a medium to enrich, empower and engage all members of the community via its high-quality, accessible and affordable programming.

As vanguard caretakers of the art form of ballet, we actively seek to promote new audiences and heighten their awareness and willingness to move away from “traditional and typical dance models”. With a responsible eye to the future of ballet, we work to provide a progressive and contemporary experience, with the understanding that ballet will not look as it once has. 

The interwoven philosophical, societal and political issues of the 18th and 19th centuries, that once informed and governed the creation and understanding of new dance work and art in general, no longer exist. It is with this notion in mind that we embark upon our mission to present a new and viable model that preserves ballet as a current and relevant art form, which carries the potential to provide a deep and long lasting impact upon its audience members.

CBT Offerings

CBT offers an Open Ballet class every Monday - Friday at Dance Loft on 14 from 10:30am - 12:00PM

Private Instruction and Coaching also available.

Please contact for more information.