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Continuum Workshop with Ellen Cohen and Kim Brodey



        Two afternoons of Continuum


                   with Ellen Cohen and guest teacher Kim Brodey


                      Saturday & Sunday, January 6th & 7th, 2018, 1 PM - 4:30 PM


                          Dance Loft on 14  - 4618 14th St. NW, Washington, DC 20011


                                 $75 per day    $140 for both days    {sliding scale available}                                                                               

Like the seasons, we move through phases, grow, shed, renew and evolve.  No matter where you are in this process of becoming, when you pause to notice your internal sensations, pause to really attend your inner landscape, you nourish your innate capacity to find balance.

Come join us for 1 and/or 2 afternoons of Continuum to explore breath, sound and movement, taking time to nourish yourself, listening to the quiet still place inside. 

In Continuum we nourish our body with sound and breath, which engages the internal creative movement that we are. In this way we let go of the ways we define our body and what it can do, and open to the mystery of life that vibrates inside of us.

A healthy body is fluid and resilient. Imagine your body as an ocean, your breath the tides, your bones as sea sponges. Explore how breath and sound ripples the water in you, stirring the ocean inside of you, hydrating your bones and bringing health and ease of movement.

Come rest into the ground, slow down and connect to the magnificent intelligence that lies within you, be inspired by infinite possibilities.

To find out more about Continuum please visit

To register: call or email Ellen 610-645-6050

Kim’s bio: I began teaching Continuum Movement in 1994 and was authorized by Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper in 1998, leading workshops in Europe and North America. I have also trained extensively in Susan Harper’s Continuum Montage. These practices as well as 35+ years of exploring many somatic modalities inform all my workshops, classes, and private sessions. Creating a safe environment wherein participants have the opportunity and permission to explore new territory is key to my facilitation. I bring patience and an invitation to creative play with movement in all its forms. I have been teaching, working with individual clients, groups and couples since 1972, when I opened my practice as a rural midwife. My work as a midwife continues, no longer with babies, rather with the process of becoming.

Ellen’s bio:  Ellen has been involved with Continuum for 23 years & was authorized as a teacher in 2006. She teaches and has a private practice as a body psychotherapist in Ardmore, PA. From her experience as an improvisational dancer she developed respect for the sacredness of the moment and the gifts that can emerge from the unconscious.