MOVEIUS Contemporary Ballet’s mission is to catalyze new choreography in the National Capital area, and to increase opportunities for dancers, audiences, and students to experience dance and the performing arts. To achieve this mission, we manage BOTH 1) an innovative dance performance company and 2) a trailblazing facility with its own artistic and community programming.

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a DANCE performance COMPANY (est. 2010)

We develop and presents fresh dance works in the contemporary-ballet style that bring modern-day stories life. Since 2010, we have created our own pieces, and since 2012, produced our own full-scale contemporary ballet productions (see press, and peruse this section of the site for information on our own work).

Diana Movius quickly realized that growing a dance company in the DC area was severely hampered by lack of rehearsal and performance space.  So, we started our own facility. (See Washington Post article on our opening and purpose.)

a dance and arts facility: the dance loft on 14 (est. 2015)

Did you realize that a small dance company is behind such a large endeavor?! In fact, we pursue the model of great facilities run by dance troupes, such as ODC/SF,  LINES Dance Center, Gibney Dance New York, and Visceral Dace Chicago. They are open to all and meet vital arts space needs in their cities. The name Dance Loft on 14 reflects our commitment as the only performing arts center in DC's Ward 4, anchored in 14th Street Heights. We opened thanks to the grassroots support of the neighborhood; now we give back via the Loft's programming.

During the Dance Loft renovation with volunteers in action.

During the Dance Loft renovation with volunteers in action.